Why cant I renew my health card online with the Ontario Photo Card


If we want to renew the health card online, we can use both the driver's license and the Ontario Photo card. But there are prerequisites.

Some seniors do not have a driver's license but only have a photo card. The following are the necessary conditions for renewing a health card online with a photo card:

(FROM Service Ontario)

To use this online service, you must have:

  • a photo health card that will expire within 90 days, or expired on or after December 1, 2019, and be eligible for OHIP coverage
  • a valid Ontario photo card that isn't expired or cancelled
  • an up-to-date photo and signature on your health card
  • an up-to-date address with ServiceOntario for your health card
    1. You cannot renew your health card online within 90 days of changing your address with ServiceOntario
  • If you are between 75 and 80, you have to renew in-person to take a new photo. If you are over 80, you can renew your health card by mail.