University of Toronto Computer Science Post Adminssion Requirement


In this post we will list and compare the Computer Science 2022 Post Adminssion Requirements on all 3 University of Toronto campuses.

1) 4.0 full course equivalents (FCE). 2) CSC110Y1 70%. 3) CSC111H1 77%. 4) Complete MAT137Y1 or MAT157Y1. 5)Request the program on ACORN 1) GPA 2.5+ in 5 courses: CSC/MATA67, CSCA48, MATA22, MATA31, MATA37. 2) CSCA48 (B) 3) Two of CSC/MATA67, MATA22, MATA37 (C-) (May 2022 enrollment round) CSC148H5 (80, taken at UTM only), MAT102H5 (73, taken at UTM only), CGPA (3.0, no CR/NCR included), ISP100H5
UTSG CS POSt UTC CS POSt 1. UTC CS POSt 2 UTM official link
CSC110Y1: Foundations of Computer Science I. CSC111H1: Foundations of Computer Science II. MAT137Y1: Calculus with Proofs. MAT157Y1: Analysis I CSCA67/MATA67 - Discrete Mathematics. CSCA48H3: Introduction to Computer Science II. MATA22H3: Linear Algebra I for Mathematical Sciences. MATA31H3 Calculus I for Mathematical Sciences. MATA37H3 Calculus II for Mathematical Sciences CSC148H5: Introduction to Computer Science. MAT102H5: Introduction to Mathematical Proofs. ISP100H5: Writing for University and Beyond
Out-stream POSt is highly competitive and not guaranteed Out-stream POSt is highly competitive and not guaranteed Out-stream POSt is same as in-stream


1: UTM CS POSt: Previously guaranteed that the requirements in 2022 would not exceed 80 percent in CSC148H5, 80 percent in MAT102H5, and a 3.3 CGPA.

2: UTSG/UTSC has guaranteed in-stream requirements, but UTM is still using the old POSt, all admission categories have the same CS POSt requirement but CS-Math-Stats category gets the advantage of a priority.