Renew Canada Permanent Resident Card 2022


Here is a 2022 case of renewing Canada permanent resident (PR) card.

First, we checked the Canada official website to get the newest inforamtion about renewing a PR card.

Note there are 5 steps there:

  • About the process
  • Who can apply
  • Before you apply
  • How to apply
  • After you apply

We can see a condition to renew a PR card is your card has expired or will expire in less than 9 months, that means if your PR Card is still valid for more than 9 months or 270 days, you should not apply for a renewal unless you have special reasons such as your name is changed.

Here is the offical guide of applying or replacing or renewing PR Card - IMM5445

How to Renew Canada Permanent Resident Card 2022

What we did

  1. Downloaded and Filled the IMM5444 form
  2. Got ONE photocopy of the current valid passport
  3. Took TWO photos within the recent 6 months (we found a professional photo studio that could give us the stamp on the back of photo, such as the "Pro Passport Photo")
  4. PR Card fee payment receipt (paid online), currently $50 each person
  5. Filled IMM5644 document checklist form
  6. Sent the mail package in the post office.

Please check Canada official website to get more details and the most recent information.