Available Computer Programs in Ontario Universities 2022 June


According to the information from OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre). There are some programs are still available (by 2022 June).

If anyone is interested or has not received an offer from an Ontario university, you can try to apply.

Here are available Computer and Information Science programs in Ontario Universites:

Available Computer and Information Science Programs of Ontario Universities (2022 June)

University Program Code Coop Name
Carleton CES Y B. Engineering: Software
Carleton COD Y B. Computer Science Honours
Carleton CON Y B. Computer Science Major
OntTech DGD N Game Development and Interactive Media (BIT)
TMU SAE N Computer Science (Part Time)
Laurentian LCS Y Computer Science
Laurentian LKS Y Computer Science - Game Design
Laurentian LWS Y Computer Science - Web Data Management
Trent RCW N Computing Systems (General Arts)
Trent RCZ N Computer Science (General Science)
Trent RSC N Computer Science (Honours Science)
Trent RSF N Information Systems & Science (Honours Science)
Trent RSK N Computer Science - Theoretical Computer Science (Honours Science)
Trent RZH N Computer Science - Software Engineering (Honours Science)
Trent RZJ N Computer Science - Data Analytics (Honours Science)

There are might be more available computer related programs at Ontario Universities, please check OUAC official website, or you can contact universities directly.

Note: The information listed on this website is based on OUAC's web pages. You may need to contact universities to get more accurate information.

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