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About ontario Home Health Care Service

1: Home and community care service is managed by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Please read official Ontario Home and Community Care information from Ontario government website.

2: Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN) arranges home care and community service.

3: LHINs are responsible for deciding who receives care, the level of care you need and for how long. These services used to be provided through Community Care Access Centres – or CCACs (14 CCACs was accountable to the LHIN in June 2017).

4: There are 14 region Ontario LHINs. People can choose a LHIN near their home. For example: Central LHIN Note: There is a website named CentralHealthLine.ca, looks like it is a sub-website which provides information of searching for a wide range of health and community services.

5: One Region LHIN has multiple sub-regions. For example, there are 6 sub-regions. You can see them on the map below:

CentralLHIN Sub Regions

Please read more details from here.

6: How can the LHIN Homecare Services (LHS) help me?

(Example answer from Hamilton LHIN)

The LHS can send a worker to your home to help you with things that you are having a hard time doing yourself, like making a meal or taking a shower. The LHS can also send a nurse to your home to take care of you after you have been in the hospital. A nurse can give you your pills, change a bandage, and do other things to make sure you are ok. The LHS can also help you get set up with other services in your area like Meals on Wheels or an exercise program. A person from the LHS will ask you what you need help with and try to get you what you need.

If it becomes too hard for you to live at home on your own, the LHS can also help you find a nursing home to move to.

7: How much does it cost?

If you qualify for LHS services, you do not have to pay anything. The cost of the services is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Your case manager will determine if you qualify. If you don’t qualify, you may be able to receive services through community agencies, which may require a co-payment.

8: Types of services in your home:

  1. Health care professionals
  2. Personal care
  3. Homemaking
  4. Family-managed home care
  5. End-of-life care at home

9: How many hours does LHIN Homecare Services provide?

For any one person, LHIN will provide a maximum of 14 hours of home care per week. LHINs are responsible for deciding who receives care, the level of care you need and for how long.

10: Have maximum hours from LHIN, but still need more?

There is other services might help you if you need more service hours after you have maximum 14 hours per week from LHIN. For example, Retire-At-Home.

We have not contacted with Retire-At-Home to confirm their service. We just copy some of information from their website:

...for many people, 14 hours are not enough, and supplementary hours of care are needed. That is where we come in.

Retire-At-Home Services will work with your CCAC case manager to coordinate care workers coming into your home, making sure that our Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are scheduled around those of CCAC to help you get the most out of both public and private services.

For no extra charge, we can liaise with CCAC case managers for additional requests or report updates of any changes to the health of your loved one. We do this as part of our regular service to you, to help lighten your load and give you peace of mind.