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In our previous Digital Nomad post, we introduced digital nomad and shared some of the benefits and challenges of being a digital nomad. If you haven't read it yet, you can read it here.

Now we want to talk about one of the most important topics for digital nomads: visas. As you may know, visas are the legal documents that allow you to enter and stay in a foreign country for a certain period of time. Depending on your nationality, destination and purpose of travel, you may need different types of visas.

For digital nomads, who work remotely via a computer or laptop for a foreign-based employer or business, visas can be tricky. Most countries do not have a specific visa category for digital nomads, which means they have to rely on tourist visas, business visas or other options that may not suit their needs or preferences.

However, things are changing. In recent years, more and more countries have launched or announced visa programs for digital nomads, enabling these travelers to work legally, longer and more freely in their territories. These visa programs are also known as digital nomad visas or remote work visas.

List of countries that provide digital nomad visas in 2023

Below is the list of some countries that provide digital nomad visas in 2023.

Country Official Web Link Comment
Andorra https://www.immigracio.ad/ca/ https://andorrapartner.com/digital-nomad-residency/
Bahamas https://www.bahamas.gov.bs/ Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS)
Barbados https://www.barbadoswelcomestamp.bb/
Bermuda https://www.gov.bm/coming-bermuda
Cape Verde https://www.capeverde.com/digital-nomads/
Colombia https://www.cancilleria.gov.co/en/services/visas/temporary/tp-15
Croatia https://mup.gov.hr/uzg-covid/english/digital-nomads/286212
Cyprus https://www.pio.gov.cy/en/press-releases-article.html?id=21165
Dominica https://dominica.gov.dm }
Ecuador https://www.cancilleria.gob.ec/en/services-to-the-citizen/visas/
Estonia https://e-resident.gov.ee/nomadvisa/
Georgia https://georgia.gov/
Greece https://travel.gov.gr/#/
Iceland https://island.is/s/utlendingastofnun
Latvia https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en
Malaysia https://www.malaysia.gov.my/portal/index
Mexico www.gob.mx
Montenegro https://www.gov.me/en/government-of-montenegro/visas-and-entry-requirements
Portugal https://eportugal.gov.pt/en/inicio
Seychelles https://www.egov.sc/
South Africa https://www.gov.za/
Spain https://www.exteriores.gob.es/en/Paginas/index.aspx

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